Tooru Magami Are Kage-nie

In traditional Japanese occult practices, a "kage-nie" 
(陰牲 lit. shadow sacrifice?) is actually a wooden or paper doll that acts as a representation of an actual person. The doll serves to protect this person from harm, especially harm of the magical nature (kind of like a reversal of the idea of the voodoo doll). When someone attempts to harm a person protected by a shadow sacrifice, the doll will suffer instead of the one it represents. In "X", the members of the family from which Shirō Kamui is descended, the Magami clan, are able to act as shadow sacrifices to other people. The Magami clan is so renowned among occult circles for this power that (as Sorata tells Kamui), at least half of Japan's legislative body, the Diet, are suspected of having hired shadow sacrifices from the Magami clan to protect them from such dangers as assassination. Such as this is, Shirō Tōru, Shirō Kamui's mother, is destroyed in a fire which results from her acting as the shadow sacrifice for (alternately) Kamui himself and for the Earth. Magami Tokiko, Tōru's younger sister and Kamui's maternal aunt, likely acts a shadow sacrifice to bring forth the second of the Sacred Swords. Similarly, Monou Saya (Fūma and Kotori's mother) may have also possessed this power when she took the place of Tōru to bring forth the first Sacred Sword. It can be assumed that (being of Magami lineage), Shirō Kamui himself would have the power to act as shadow sacrifice to another person.

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