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Seishiro Sakurazuka
Biographical Information
Full Name: Seishiro Sakurazuka
Age: 25 (Tokyo Babylon)
33 (X/1999)
Status: Deceased
Affiliation: Dragons of Earth
Occupation: Veterinarian (formerly)
Family: Unnamed Mother
Residence: Tokyo, Japan
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: TBA
First Appearance
Anime: Episode 1
Manga: TBA
Voice Actors
Japanese: Tōru Furusawa (Movie)
Otoya Kawano (TV series)
English: Garrick Hagon (Movie)
Dave Mallow (TV series)

Seishiro Sakurazuka (桜塚 星史郎, Sakurazuka Seishirō) is one of the supporting villains of the X series.

He appears as a kindly veterinarian often showing romantical affection to the young onmyoji Subaru Sumeragi.

However, across the story it is revealed he is the Sakurazukamori (桜塚護, lit. "Cherry Blossom burial mound guardian"), Japan's number one assassin who is targeting Subaru. The character returns in the apocalyptic manga X as a combatant in the battle of Armageddon Dragons of Earth and Subaru's rival.




Before events of Tokyo Babylon

Seishiro Kills his mother

Seishiro becomes the Sakurazukamori and eventually kills his mother who tells him he will also be killed by the person he loves.

Tokyo Babylon

Seishiro appears as a veterinarian working in Shinjuku, Tokyo. He later meets up and befriends a 16-year-old Subaru Sumeragi, Japan's most powerful onmyoji, after the latter's shikigami causes an unlikely meeting between the two at Ikebukuro train station. Seishiro begins a year of courtship that will ultimately change both of their lives. Often he professes his love for the boy, with Subaru's eccentric twin sister Hokuto enthusiastically supporting the pairing, much to Subaru’s embarrassment. Seishiro also protects Subaru on several occasions, even sacrificing his right eye to protect Subaru from a knife-wielding attacker, and also refusing to let the police file charges against the woman who attacked him purely because he knows that Subaru would not want her to be prosecuted.

Seishiro loses his left eye for Subaru

He using his powers, Seishiro obscures his true identity and personal details. At one point, when he and Subaru are having their fortunes read, he gives incorrect information about his birthdate and place of birth to hide his true self.  After a year passes and Subaru finally realizes his love for Seishiro, he is devastated when Seishiro reveals he is the Sakurazukamori, Japan's top one assassin. When Subaru was very young, he witnessed Seishiro having just murdered a young girl. Seishiro used his powers to block the boy's memory, then told him about the cherry blossoms being pink due to a corpse being buried beneath the tree. Expecting the boy to be sickened or afraid, he was surprised when Subaru's eyes filled with tears, as the boy asked whether the person buried there would be hurt by that. Impressed with the kid's purity, Seishiro made a bet with him: Should Seishiro meet Subaru again, he would live with the boy for one year, and act and speak as if he loved Subaru more than any other person in the world. If the assassin could come to love him after living a year with him, or even regard him as different from objects most people treat like trash, he would spare Subaru's life, but otherwise he would kill him. But Seishiro declares that he feels nothing for Subaru after their year together. As a result, he almost kills the young onmyōji, but Subaru's grandmother intervenes to free him from the illusion, leaving herself crippled as a result.

Hokuto being killed by the hands of Seishiro

Seishiro disappears from Subaru's life after this point; Hokuto, fearing that he will come after her brother, offers up her own life in his place. Seishirō accepts and stabs her through the heart; with her last breath, Hokuto casts a spell whose effects would subsequently be revealed in X.



Seishiro fights against Subaru for the first time

After leaving Tokyo following the events of Tokyo Babylon, Seishiro returns to the city to assume his place as one of the Dragons of Earth, one of the warriors destined to fight against the Dragons of Heaven to eliminate mankind. He encounters Subaru and other Dragons of Heaven while destroying one of the city's barrier but their fight does not conclude. Though still unemotional, Seishiro makes an unlikely friend with Fuma Monou, the most leader of the Dragon of Earth, who while taking one Subaru's eyes in combat tells him that only Seishiro can grant Subaru's true wish.

The Death of Seishiro by the hands of Subaru

Seishiro encounters Subaru for one final fight in the Rainbow Bridge. After some time of fighting, Seishiro heads in for the finishing blow. Hokuto's final spell takes effect, leaving Subaru with his hand through Seishiro's chest, killing the Sakurazukamori instead. Hokuto's final wish was Subaru could not be killed the same way she was.


The final battle.

Seishiro knew this, effectively committing suicide as Fuma states Seishiro's wish was dying at Subaru's hands. After the battle, Fuma offers Subaru Seishiro's remaining intact eye, revealing that it was Seishiro's wish to erase Fuma's trace on Subaru, which Subaru accepts. This act completes this ritual and, after regaining his full sight, Subaru becomes the 14th Sakurazukamori and one of the Dragons of Earth.


Subaru Fights with Sakurazukamori in 1996 OVA

Seishirō appears briefly in the movie version of X; he and Subaru destroy each other in magical combat early in the film.

Other appearances

Seishiro and Subaru in the live action & anime adaptation

In the live-action sequel to Clamp's manga, Seishiro Sakurazuka is portrayed by Shihodo Wataru. In the film, the Sakurazukamori assassinates a former enemy of the Sumeragi clan; however, his signature hand-through-the-chest style of killing is dropped in favor of magically strangling his victims.

In the crossover manga Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, Seishiro appears as a young traveler who gained the power to travel between worlds from the witch Yūko Ichihara in exchange for his right eye. He searches for the vampire twins Kamui and Subaru, like his younger brother Fūma, he is a treasure hunter.

Although the reason for searching the vampire twins remains unknown, Kamui states that he will kill Seishirō if he finds them. Seishirō possesses one of Sakura's magical feathers which allows him to summon oni to fight for him as well as modify them into swords he can change their shape. An experienced fighter, Seishirō was also the one to teach the dimension traveler Syaoran Li his kicking techniques. Although he grows happy with his development, Seishirō does not doubt in trying to kill Syaoran in Oto Country when searching for clues about the vampires. When coming to Japan to get information about the vampires' location, Seishirō is challenged by the "other Syaoran" who wishes to obtain his feather. In the course of the battle Syaoran manages to claim the feather, although Fuma comments that was his main intention from the start. He later leaves Japan to continue his search and is seen in the epilogue alongside his brother and the vampires.






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  • His voice actor, Tōru Furusawa, provided the voice of characters from other anime adaptation of Clamp's manga series: Yoshiyuki Terada from Cardcaptor Sakura.