Seiichirou Aoki
Biographical Information
Full Name: Seiichirou Aoki
Age: Unknown
Status: Unknown (Manga)
Alive (Anime)
Deceased (Movie)
Affiliation: Dragons of Heaven
Family: Unnamed Wife
Unnamed Daughter
Daisuke Saiki(nephew)
Residence: Tokyo, Japan
Physical Description
Gender: Male
First Appearance
Anime: Episode 0
Manga: TBA
Voice Actors
Japanese: Toshiyuki Morikawa (TV series)
Hideyuki Tanaka (Movie)
English: Steve Blum (TV series)
David Harris (Movie)

Seiichirō Aoki (蒼軌 征一狼 Aoki Seiichirō?) is a mild-mannered copy editor with a wife and child. In the TV series, upon discovering that the battle between the Seals and Angels is at hand, Aoki secretly divorces his wife Shimako in order to spare her grief should he be killed. He impresses Karen, who eventually dies saving him in the anime. He is last seen visiting Karen's grave with his family.  He is a wind master, with the ability to conjure and control wind currents. This is his family's gift; his nephew Daisuke Saiki has the same ability, though he isn't as strong. His barrier field is shaped like an octagon.



Aoki is a very gentle and even-tempered man and is only seen to become angry once in X, when Karen attempts to sacrifice herself for his sake.





Aoki is badly wounded by Nataku, but during their fight, Aoki grabs his opponent and leaps off the top of the Sunshine 60 building, killing them both.


In Other Media

Aoki appears as a crossover character in Tsubasa. He lives in the world of Tokyo as one of the seven fighters of the Tower faction. In the X Tarot set, he represents The Hierophant.


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