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Saya Monou
Saya Monou.jpg
Biographical Information
Full Name: Saya Monou
Age: Unknown
Status: Deceased
Family: Kyogo Monou (husband)
Kotori Monou (daughter)
Fuma Monou (son)
Residence: Tokyo, Japan
Physical Description
Gender: Female
First Appearance
Anime: TBA
Manga: TBA
Voice Actors
Japanese: Michiko Neya
English: Barbara Goodson

Saya Monou (桃生 紗鵺, Monou Saya) is Kotori and Fuma's mother in the X series.


Saya had a petite figure and with long wavy hair; although her hair is less wavy than her daughter.


In flashbacks of her family and Kamui, Saya was a cheerful person who always have a smile on her face. She cared for her children and her husband. She was close friend with Kamui's mother Toru along with her husband Kyogo whom she knew since high school.

In reality, Saya was a more complicated person. From her ability as a Dream Seer, she knew right away that her relationship with Toru will be special. Knowing that she would live and died for Toru, Toru was contended with this; she was very happy with this revelation. Saya learned that her daughter inherited her ability as a Dream Seer and her powers was stronger than her. Although her power was less weaker than her daughter, Saya was happy that her power was able to lead her to the person she loved.

Saya strongly believed she is destined to go to Hell for deceiving her husband and children for the sake of her wish. Despite what everyone would said if they learned the truth, Saya stated she is happy regardless. Although Toru is devastated that she can't save Saya from her fate, Saya informed her that would be impossible; Saya declared that only she alone decide her fate.

In her last conversation with her husband, Saya was shocked to discover that Kyogo knew the truth about her feelings for Toru. Kyogo knew the truth since the moment Saya first came to the shire. When Saya asked herself why did she married him, Kyogo tell her because he loved her; he have accepted that Saya will only loved Toru regardless of the fact she can't never love him. Before dying, Saya apologized to her husband for her inability to return his feelings. Kyogo tell her that there is nothing to apologize for as she was a wonderful wife and mother to their children.


When Fuma and Kotori were children, she died giving birth to the first Sacred Sword, which burst forth from her body. This sword is intended to be wielded by Kamui; instead, it is stolen by Nataku and taken by Fuma. It is later revealed that Saya married Kyogo only to be at the Togakushi Shrine to take the place of her true love, Toru Shiro, as the vessel of the Sacred Sword. Kyogo knows that Saya never loved him romantically, but, regardless, continues to love her. 


Kyogo Monou

Kotori Monou

Fuma Monou

Toru Magami







  • In the X Tarot set, she is The Fool and appears as a mermaid like humanoid who also appears to Kotori in a vision in the manga.
  • In the TV series her relationship with Toru is not acknowledged, and neither she nor Kyogo appear in the X or movie.
  • Her voice actress, Michiko Neya, provided the voice of characters from other anime adaptations of Clamp's manga series: Official in charge from Tokyo Babylon and Shouko Tsujitani from Cardcaptor Sakura.