Princess Sakura, 
later known as Clone Sakura or Sakura Li is a protagonist in Clamp's crossover series, Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE and xxxHolic. Her character is similar in looks and personality to her Cardcaptor Sakura counterpart. Tsubasa Chronicle takes on a new story with new histories for each of its characters. She also appears in another Clamp title, xxxHolic and has numerous cameos in other chapters.

Character OutlineEditEdit

Her facial features consist of big snake-green eyes and strawberry blonde hair that hang down to her shoulders; it also rather seems unkempt and stroked; all of these give contrast to her pinkish-tanned skin complexion. Sakura is slim-built and averagely has a normal build for someone of her own age.

It has been noted many times (particularly by Syaoran) that "her smile is warm and I could be happy forever about it."; ever since the princess was at a young age everyone told her to smile with a smile that "is a rival to the sun". As she grows up, Sakura carries this on. She is a person with a bright and sunny character; always upbeat, but at times she can be clumsy and perhaps a bit of paranoia gets in her way when emotions get the best of her. While Sakura is always cheerful and optimistic, when the situation overwhelms her she has a tendency to be melancholic and to suddenly turn sober.

All throughout the course of the story, Sakura shows a great deal of concern and strong attachment to her companions, particularly to Syaoran. This shows that she is also a very caring and friendly person, as she does everything in her capabilities to ensure their safety; but when she realizes that she is incapable of it, her bonds are replaced by her anxiousness.

Story EditEdit

Feather Journey:EditEdit

In order to cross dimensions, Sakura must pay Yūko the thing most important to her and she pays Yūko in an indirect way but her price is pretty much the same as Syaoran's - her memories of him. When she awakes in the Hanshin Republic the first person she sees is Syaoran, but she does not remember anything about him, asking "Who are you?".

At times, such as in Ōto, Sakura comes extremely close to remembering Syaoran but it is quickly erased once more from her memory. Syaoran, having previously known this would happen, will never tell her anything about their previous relationship. At most, all Sakura knows about Syaoran is what she has relearned from the adventures together with MokonaFai, and Kurogane, although she knows she knew him previously and he was very important to her. It is also clear that she is falling in love with him once more.

Sakura possesses unnaturally good luck; both Chu'nyan and Yūko call her "a favored daughter of the gods" . This is what allowed her to travel dimensions safely until Yūko asks for her good luck as a price for a wish. According to Yukito and Syaoran, Sakura also has the ability to "hear" the voices of those who cannot be heard, such as spirits of nature, and to see ghosts. For example, in the Country of Jade, she could see Princess Emeraude while others could not. She can also see the future in visions, though this ability is unreliable and something she has no control over.

In the Tsubasa Chronicle anime, Sakura's personality is passive and weary, exhausted from her loss of memories. However as the series goes on, she becomes stronger and more independent. Syaoran states, even though she's lost most of her memories, she'll never change. She helps the group whenever she can, whether it's washing dishes or saving their lives. Also, at some points when she is asleep, she will unknowingly go out and search for her feathers. She seems to be awake, talking and interacting with others and her surroundings, yet is actually completely out of it, like she is unconsciously searching for her own feathers.

However in the manga, her personality undergoes a change after the clone Syaoran leaves her. As she voices to Fay, no matter how identical the two Syaorans may be, the real Syaoran is still not the one she knows. Subsequent chapters show Sakura with a much darker personality, and wearing gothic clothing.

In the Infinity Arc, the group spent a few months fighting in a tournament, supposedly wanting to use the prize money to restore a world the clone Syaoran destroyed. However, the truth is that she was after the real prize - a robot (who is identical to Freya from Chobits) who can let one person and one person alone travel across dimensions.

It is later revealed that Fai is under a curse that forces him to kill if he ever meets a person that is stronger than him. And in volume one, the reader can see that Yūko was not hit by the rain, nor did she touch any of the people directly; this was because she was in another dimension to prevent Fai's curse from being activated at that moment. But when Sakura receives two feathers in the Infinity Arc, she became stronger than Fai's halved magic and so he stabbed her, seemingly in a trance. Sakura had a vision that after killing her, he would go insane and kill everyone else, eventually committing suicide, but she used the robot to transport her soul to a dream world, thus saving herself and stopping Fai from going insane.

Later, it's revealed that she was not the original target of the curse, because "Syaoran" was. This is explained further in her appearance in xxxHolic; she changed the future so that "Syaoran" would not be killed. As she explains to Watanuki (Xxxholic chapter 140), her coldness to the real Syaoran was because she was trying to follow the dream as close as possible up to that near fatal event. It's later learned that Sakura can still be saved. The two places where her body and her soul went contains two feathers. Her soul went to the Dream World, her body toCeles. So Syaoran, Fai, Mokona and Kurogane went to Celes Country to rescue Sakura's body, as Kurogane said they'd get the body first; then the soul. Her body was saved by the group.

"Syaoran" and the group had gone to the Dream World, to try to rescue Sakura. (chapter 173). In chapter 145 ofxxxHolic, while walking to school Watanuki suddenly falls into the dream world and sees a hand reaching out to Sakura, and this hand belongs to "Syaoran".

Syaoran, having already retrieved the feather Seishirou had, falls under attack from The Clone, who strikes without caring for Sakura's well being. He must retrieve the feathers, no matter the circumstances, despite Sakura's pleas for it to stop. The two battle, Syaoran summoning his Jian and The Clone summoning Hien. Syaoran encapsules Sakura in a protective wind barrier right away, and declares that he will personally destroy The Clone. As The Clone starts to overpower Syaoran, Sakura screams out his name in horror as he is surrounded by flames. She does not scream out "Syaoran-kun" though, which is what she called The Clone and "Syaoran" before this event. Instead, she screams out "SYAORAN!" without the suffix which indicates that she is very close to him.

When the Clone advances on her and the fallen Syaoran, she attempts to cradle and protect him, no longer being held back herself by Syaoran's protective spell. When the Clone demands she step aside, she only hugs him tighter and refuses to do so. In response, it stabs her in the shoulder. She weakly says "Syaoran-kun" in an attempt to reach out to him, but it falls on deaf ears as it moves to finish her off upon the orders of Fei Wong. However, it is subconsciously stopped by himself, just as Yuko comments that even if a heart loses its memories, they can still persist within the body.

Sakura then tries to convince The Clone not to kill Syaoran. She said "something will end", that includes the Clone Syaoran and herself. "Syaoran" then awakens.

As Syaoran and his Clone jump to deliver their last blows, Sakura interferes, getting stabbed at her heart by the Clone's Hien, even shocking the Clone. Syaoran calls out to her, but she tells him "Your Sakura isn't me" and dissolves into cherry blossom petals. In a flashback sequence, Fei Wong reveals to Xing Huo that Sakura up until now is in fact a clone herself, both body and soul.

From what "Syaoran" said when they were in Tokyo," What treasures *that* Sakura the most isn't 'my heart'! It's yours!". So Sakura had a feeling that the real Syaoran already knew she was a clone and the real Sakura is waiting for him.