Nokoru Imonoyama
Biographical Information
Full Name: Nokoru Imonoyama
Age: Unknown
Status: Alive
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Blonde
First Appearance
Manga: TBA
Voice Actors
Nokoru Imonoyama (妹之山 残 Imonoyama Nokoru) is the former chairman of the elementary level student board and current director of the famous Clamp Academy, as well as one of the Clamp School Detectives, along with Akira Ijyūin and Suoh Takamura. A child of the fabulously wealthy zaibatsu Imonoyama family (who, in fact, founded the Clamp Academy), Nokoru has practically limitless resources at his command. Nokor does not appear in the anime.





>He personally knew Tokiko Magami through his relative, the former Chairperson of Clamp Academy, and following the events leading to Fūma's awakening as the Kamui of the Dragons of Earth, Nokoru graciously provides the Dragons of Heaven housing, admitting the younger Seals (Kamui, Yuzuriha, Arashi, Sorata and for a while Subaru) to the Clamp Academy at the junior and senior high school levels (and college in Subaru's case).


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