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X, also known as X/1999 and X: The Movie, is a 1996 anime film directed by Rintaro and studio Madhouse. Rintaro wrote it alongside Clamp head writer Nanase Ohkawa. It is based on Clamp's manga of the same name. It premiered August 3, 1996, in Japan and had a limited screening in North America during March 10, 2000. The movie ran for an hour and forty minutes. The supernatural thriller focuses on the roles Kamui Shiro, Kotori Monou, and Fma Monou play in the Apocalypse. After his mother's death, the young Kamui returns to Tokyo to participate in a Holy War between two groups that will either protect mankind and protect nature at the cost of mankind.

Rintaro was approached by Kadokawa Shoten to direct this movie and found this part of his career unique due to how he work with Ohkawa, Clamp's head writer, while also aiming to show a self-contained story with a style and atmosphere that might be rejected by the viewers. The film's theme song is "Forever Love" by X Japan. The film was released in both VHS and DVD format.

Despite the popularity of the series, critical response to the film was mixed with critics praising the visuals and fight choreography, while the lack of focus on most of the cast supporting Kamui and Fuma was met with negative response. In retrospective, books focused on films still praised Rintaro's film while the television series produced years later by Madhouse was felt superior due to the further handling of the cast.


Theme song


  • Director: Rintaro.
  • Screenplay: Rintaro and Nanase Ohkawa.
  • Original creator: CLAMP.
  • Music: Yasuaki Shimizu.
  • Production company: MADHOUSE.

Cast and Voice Actors

Character Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor
Kamui Shiro Kenichi Suzumura
Takaaki Hiyoshi (Young)
Alan Marriott
Fuma Monou Ken Narita
Sora Tôma (Young)
Adam Henderson
Kotori Monou Junko Iwao
Megumi Yoshiwaka (Young)
Larissa Murray
Sorata Arisugawa Kōichi Yamadera Mike Fitzpatrick
Arashi Kishu Emi Shinohara Teresa Gallagher
Subaru Sumeragi Issei Miyazaki William Dufris (Uncredited)
Karen Kasumi Mami Koyama Toni Barry
Yuzuriha Nekoi Yukana Anne-Marie Lawless
Seiichiro Aoki Hideyuki Tanaka David Harris
Nataku Rika Matsumoto Don Fellows (Uncredited)
Seishiro Sakurazuka Tōru Furusawa Garrick Hagon (Uncredited)
Yuto Kigai Kazuhiko Inoue Nigel Whitney
Satsuki Yatoji Kotono Mitsuishi Anne Marie Zola (Uncredited)
Kakyo Kuzuki N/A N/A
Kusanagi Shiyu Jouji Nakata Jeff Harding
Princess Hinoto Yūko Minaguchi Stacey Jefferson
Kanoe Katsuko Takahata Denica Fairman
Daisuke Saiki N/A N/A
Shōgo Asagi Toshihiko Seki Rupert Degas
Toru Magami Masako Ikeda Liza Ross




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