Battle of the Two Kamui
Battle of the Two Kamui
Battle Statistics
Date: 1999
Location: Tokyo, primarily in Tokyo Tower
Characters Involved: Kamui Shirou & Fuuma Monou
The Battle of the Two Kamui is a clash between Kamui Shirou and Fuuma Monou, wherein the two were named as Kamui and are to battle for the future of the earth, whoever wins between them two will bestow their wish for the entire human race and world.


Initially, a battle between the two Kamui had always been foreordained and predicted by any dream seer throughout the series. The two are the main key elements for the future of the world. Since there are a two of it, it is more of a struggle of Kamui Shirou to determine his real wish that had causes a future to the world. But, in any dreams that the dream seers saw is that, the Dark Kamui will always win no matter what happens and the world will fall onto destruction.


The battle started at the time that Kamui Shirou decided to be a Dragon of Heaven. With Fuuma Monou being his twin star, he is to fill in the void that Kamui neglected and be a Dragon of Earth himself, equally a match of him or his counterpart on the other side. Since then, their encounters had always involved fighting wherein Kamui always end up wounded and Fuuma being stopped by anyone in killing Kamui.


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